Commissions, Sales, and Gifts; oh my.

I am not an expert on commissions. Not by a long shot. However, I'm going to attempt to lay out some thoughts and situations that will give artists some criteria that I have settled on in the last few years. This might prevent buyer's remorse when asking an artist to paint a portrait of a loved one, dog, or cat. The buyer and the artist can have some agreement on what they each expect from each other: Deposit, how long will it take, expectations, framed (or not), work in progress, and any questions.

When I look back in my "career" as an art teacher, I don't see an artist. Why? Because I was busy with lesson plans, checking materials, working with a classroom teacher who might want the art lesson to piggyback with her animal life cycle curriculum, and balancing the schedule of the school district's K-6 art curriculum. The only times that I was called on to be an "artist" was when a classroom teacher "solicited" (as in, begged me) to do her bulletin board. {cough}

Now I am an artist who paints almost every day. I have more than 300 paintings or drawings in my portfolio unless I have sold them, or have given them as gifts.