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10 Checklist Items for Your Travel Needs.

It’s essential to adapt your luggage to the specific trip you take. I’ve found, however, that regardless of where you go, there are always a few staple essentials that go with you on your travels. I’ve created a list of my top ten things to bring in your luggage, regardless of the nature of the vacation. Click the title or the photo to link to the products.

Phones are more a part of our lives than ever. Bringing your cell phone can help you in a pinch, provide a camera, and, in most cases, a form of navigation if you lose your way.

Some people say money makes the world go round. You’ll need something to fund your trip regardless of your opinion on cash. A credit card holder is easy to carry. When buying a new wallet, use RFID shielding technology for cards and IDs. RFID blocking technology provides an extra security layer, protecting sensitive information from unauthorized scanning.

In this modern age, we rely on our phones a lot, so giving them the fuel to perform the functions we need is essential. This Power Pro 5000 Ultra-Compact is a minimal, tubular design that slides easily next to your phone in any pocket or bag. It is just 10cm tall and 3cm wide.

One of the best packing tips I received is that preparation is essential. If you lose one photo ID, whether stolen or misplaced, having an extra form of idea allows you to continue to travel back home safely. Avery Durable ID Cards, Laser Printable on Both Sides.

Hygiene matters. Bringing a toiletry bag with hygiene essentials keeps you organized and feeling fresh. This bag was given to me as a holiday gift. It holds hairbrushes, combs, toothpaste, a curling iron, a small tissue box, and even a little mirror that could be handy in the wild. Made with extra-tough fabric and technical details, then extensively tested in our lab to prove it can hold up for the long haul. These come in various sizes to meet your travel needs. You gotta love L. L. Bean for the perfect bags for all your needs.

Few things are more irritating than having chapped lips and being unable to do anything about it. Bring some chapstick and stay moisturized.

You may not be able to pack a filled water bottle on a plane, but bringing an empty one on your trip is a great way to stay hydrated.

The eddy+ Camelbak© water bottle has a leak and spill-proof cap. It is BPA-free, dishwasher-safe, and compatible with other CamelBak© products.

The loop handle makes it easy to carry, and the sip mouthpiece and straw make drinking a pleasure.

You never know what party people might be in the hotel room next to yours. Having your plugs might be the answer to a good night's sleep.

When traveling, you come into contact with many unwanted germs. Even if a sink and soap aren’t nearby, it’s nice to be able to sanitize. This one is available at Target.

COVID-19 taught us a thing or two about hand

sanitizer. Considering when you will be around many people is a good idea. A small hand sanitizer in your luggage and/or purse is excellent. Wipe those handshakes right away. (Discreetly, of course).

It doesn’t matter where you are; the sun is never kind to the skin. Bringing sunscreen will ensure that your skin is protected in any weather condition.

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