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 from Annie Mason

A picture of the artist, Annie Mason in her studio. Paintbrush in hand and sample of her art (dogwood flowers) on the table.

On most days, you will find me in my art studio. The artwork that I produce there will be found in a few online stores, and many are displayed here on this site.


I aim to interest you in my artwork featured at a local business, Heather Boutique.  Here are some samples of my paintings and drawings. These images of watercolor, pen & ink, or charcoal pencil have become part of my drawing portfolio. Ask me about pet portraits. I draw and paint often, and include my thoughts and challenges on Annie's Blog

You will find a sampling of my works on Society6.  This site offers my designs on products such as Prints, Canvas, Pillows, Tote Bags, and many more. 

See a sampling of MY PORTFOLIO.

Dainty purple flowers blow in the wind against a green and blue background.
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Ask me about pet portraits

Watercolor of Kansas state flower (wild native sunflowers) and bird (western meadowlark by Annie Mason
Mary Washington House in Fredericksburg Virginia watercolor painting.
Watercolor painting of coneflowers with pink and yellow heads and green leaves and stems.
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