It's been interesting to watch the many web pages, platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, and other internet places where artists share their creativity. When the pandemic hit in early March 2020 it was a mix of emotions that I experienced: what will I do? How will this affect my family and me? Whoa...I'll have a lot more time to spend in my studio. (Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia was one of the first heads-of-state to mandate a "stay-at-home" order for everyone except essential workers).

As the weeks went on, however, I would go into my art studio and find that I would wander around, pick up brushes, find something needing to be moved around, and end up doing nothing. The rest of the day was spent with family needs. I check into Facebook groups (mostly art related) quite often, especially when a notification catches my attention. Two groups that I belong to, "All Animal Watercolors" and "I Am an Artist" are filled with artists that began t