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It's been interesting to watch the many web pages, platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, blogs, and other internet places where artists share their creativity. When the pandemic hit in early March 2020 it was a mix of emotions that I experienced: what will I do? How will this affect my family and me? Whoa...I'll have a lot more time to spend in my studio. (Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia was one of the first heads-of-state to mandate a "stay-at-home" order for everyone except essential workers).

As the weeks went on, however, I would go into my art studio and find that I would wander around, pick up brushes, find something needing to be moved around, and end up doing nothing. The rest of the day was spent with family needs. I check into Facebook groups (mostly art related) quite often, especially when a notification catches my attention. Two groups that I belong to, "All Animal Watercolors" and "I Am an Artist" are filled with artists that began to offer their attitude on how they were functioning (creating) during this scary, pandemic event. I found it fascinating that so many were experiencing a lack of motivation or inspiration; something that I was feeling, too.

It was not that I didn't have plans: I have the series State Birds and Flowers that I have shared here in this blog. I finished half of the 50 states in 2019. My plan was to do the same and finish in 2020. But this virus. Ugh. I didn't want to do birds, flowers, or pick up a paintbrush at all. Before I knew was April. Not much had changed. Start and stop. My creative juices were dried up like rotten tomatoes.

Soon, I let happen whatever was going to happen. Personal family issues had taken a lot of attention, and I knew this was another factor in my lack of inspiration and creative momentum. Where does creativity come from? Why?

Sometimes, it comes from the natural progression of events: Over the last several years I have set aside the illustrations that I had done for a book authored by Dr. Bertice Berry. I know how incredibly busy she is...and I am very patient. We both share a "right time, right place" mentality. So this book is going to happen. Why not get it back on its course? I was unhappy with some of the pages...and over the years I had honed my painting skills and my confidence had grown. I went through and revised all 24 pages of illustrations to my satisfaction. This book is back on track and will be a real success.

My dearest friend called upon me to paint the canvas seat on a Director's chair for her grandson. I {sighed} because I was worried about the course canvas fabric and watercolor would not work on this project. I would be using acrylics (not my favorite choice). The design that my friend wanted was a "baseball theme" to match his bedroom décor. I love baseball (Go, Nats!) so this was good.

It turned out that doing something with paint that is not the norm, and having the joy of making this for my dearest friend (who

lost her husband not long ago) brought

"creativity" back into my heart.

Is that where it lies?

CREATE. "Keep Creating Like No One's


Creativity is fluid. It sits just below the skin. It simmers, and perks, while not really brewed before its time.

It's spontaneous and cognitive; it's deliberate, yet emotional. But mostly, it's unexpected and unanticipated.

Why? Why not! We are all creative in many ways, Maybe, no one's watching. Maybe, someone is watching over us.


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