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10 Amazon product reviews from our household to yours

This is how I start my mornings. This is how I will start this blog where I will try to describe the Amazon products and give the reader a fair review. No pros and cons, just a simple evaluation of how much we like the 10 products listed. All are household type products and many of these I have purchased more than once (giving you a hint at how much we like these).


Again, this is how I start my morning:

Bigelow Constant Comment Green Teas

(Lemon & Orange Rind and Sweet Spice)

I have been sipping these teas since 2003 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I know, I know...does it inhibit the growth of breast cancer cells? I'm not s doctor, but my oncologist said the studies have been positive on this aspect. See this Mount Sanai article: Tea Green And, here I am. Nineteen years later.

Another testament to drinking these teas is that they taste great. The orange/spice one is just a tad more my favorite, but I love them both.

Rating: A++


SD Card Reader USB 3.0

Technology changes with the speed of light, but the older SD cards lie around your office drawers. The cards have your precious pictures from days gone by, but they are hard to retrieve. In addition, the devices don't have slots, or your camera doesn't have Dropbox capabilities, so It's nice to have an adapter for your newer machines. This card reader has been a blessing as I can transfer photos from my older Nikon camera and put them into a cloud or google drive.

Super easy to use. Compatible with Windows11/10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS.

Rating: A


Fletcher Picture Perfect No-Wire Hanging System

This is brilliant. MAKES HANGING FAST & EASY: The Picture Perfect Hanging System can help make your blank walls into a beautiful display of art.

This Hanging System is an all-in-one kit with all the hardware necessary to mount, level, and hang your favorite works of art or wall decor. The only tools needed are a hammer and a screwdriver. This is a two-pack, each can hold up to 50 lb.

My husband and I were able to hang a framed picture in a matter of minutes and marveled at the tiny level that is included to help with positioning the hanger brackets. We both agreed that this pack is ingenious.

Rating: A+


The Original Muffin Tin Cookbook

I bought this after we moved into a home with a fabulous kitchen. Vowing to cook more I thought this looked intriguing. I don't regret my purchase because this book is filled with easy recipes that fill almost any size muffin tin. What could be easier? Not just muffins but quick-serve appetizers and sides to gourmet entrees, pizza cups, and desserts. A bit of cooking spray, a mix of ingredients, scoop it into the pan...and violá! A quick yummy breakfast or lunch treat that doesn't have you in the kitchen for hours!

Rating: A+


Handheld Vacuum Cordless Whall

We're in a new house that is just 3 years old, after thirty-five years in our former home. This one is going to stay clean. (!) However, dragging out the full vacuum cleaner is a chore in itself. This one is accessible, has attachments for specific places, and is battery operated, plus has a wall holder where it can be charged when not in use. The vacuum cleaner has Crevice Nozzle* Hair Brush* Water Absorption Nozzle, and Filter* Adapter*. The material of the filter is non-woven fabric, which can be cleaned of dust with tap water. The dustbuster filter can block dust particles.

Weight is just 2.2 lb. Nice little vac.

Rating: A+


Tovolo Vented Collapsible Microwave Food Cover

This lid protects your microwave from splatters and spots. The BPA-free plastic and silicone topper covers food to encourage even cooking and to keep food inside for a cleaner microwave. This lid has so many features: easy grip at the top. easy clean, collapses for storage, and choice of color. We have had this for quite a while and it still looks new.

Rating: A+


Low Odor Magnetic Dry Erase Markers With Erasers, Medium Point, Assorted Colors

Medium point tip magnetic dry erase markers in 6 assorted colors: black, purple, red, orange, blue and green. Non-toxic, low odor ink that has a bold color laydown, works on all dry erase surfaces and dries quickly

  • Magnetic marker caps feature built-in felt erasers. The dry erase marker ink erases easily

  • The contoured marker cap shape prevents the markers from rolling off any flat surface or tray

  • Perfect for whiteboards and glass boards in the office, classroom, or at home

We thought these would work nicely on our calendar dry erase board. They do, with this exception: two of the markers keep losing the felt erasers (we haven't attempted to put a little glue on them). Also, two of the colors (the orange and the lime green) don't show up well from a distance so we have stopped using those colors).

Rating: B


Kitchen Cabinet Bumpers, Drawer Bumpers, Cupboard and Furniture Bumpers

This is a pack of 200, which is ok with me because I do use them on the cabinet doors, drawers, and on the backs of frames that we hang in our new home. These are particularly nice, as they have a clear transparent color with strong self-adhesive backing, anti-slip soft material, and suitable thickness. The adhesion is exceptional, although if I had to reposition one, with a good tug I could move it to another spot.

Rating: A


Nature Gear Kitchen Drawer Organizer

This adjustable bamboo organizer expands to fit any drawer and has 9 separate compartments making it perfect for organizing things in any room of your home. Easily find kitchen flatware, accessories, and the cutlery you need for that perfect meal.

I found this organizer on Amazon and liked it for its attractive material (as opposed to the plastic types that are more common). It does look beautiful in our new kitchen (as if a visitor would be perusing our tableware for the aesthetics). Utensils fit in the slots quite nicely, and you can reconfigure the size of the compartments if needed.

Two issues: 1. the whole piece moves around a lot in the drawer. I think it was missing a bamboo piece that should lock it at the bottom. (see picture for a hole at the bottom that I think should have a bamboo stick that would keep the piece extended. Some reviews on Amazon make notice of this function.

2. The size of the slots are similar and I wish you could change the sizes to fit the number of items you wish to store in that slot.

Rating: B+


20 Pieces 2" Anti Skid Furniture Pads

Our new home has beautiful vinyl flooring in the

Great Room, Kitchen, and Sunroom areas. We needed something for our furniture legs that could protect the floor, and this set did just the trick.

The 2" size is close to most chair legs and so the square pieces and round pieces were pretty easy to apply. The felt is high quality and just pulling off the paper sheet allows you to set the adhesive against a chair leg. Instructions tell you to hold firm for about 30 seconds.

We also purchased a set from Amazon which could be cut to size for some of our furniture: Furniture Felt Pads. These have come in handy too and come in two color choices.

Our experience has been that no pads have come off any legs in the 9 months that we have lived here.

Rating: A


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