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Meet the Artist - Shelley Wallace Ylst

Meet the Artist. The place where I introduce YOU to an artist through a virtual interview. Our featured artist is Shelley Wallace Ylst.


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Shelley Wallace Ylst

South Jordon, Utah

  • Who are you and what is your background?

My name is Shelley Ylst and I live in South Jordan, Utah. I have a husband, two grown children, and of course the smartest and cutest grandchildren in the world! I started painting with watercolor in high school and studied art in college. I love the spontaneity and transparency of watercolors. My art is always evolving and full of joy.

My mom was always my biggest fan (of course), and years ago she was a realtor and commissioned me to make a calendar of vintage houses to give to her clients. Together we would drive through areas in Salt Lake City that had amazing vintage houses to take reference photos, and that is how I came to love painting house portraits. The main part of my art business is now commissioned paintings of people’s homes.

My other favorite subjects are flowers and animals and I often combine them together. Growing up I always had cats and dogs and love their sweetness and companionship. Since I live in Utah flowers are seasonal, but I fill my areas with them in the spring and summer and it brings me great joy.

  • What is your favorite medium?

I love watercolors and sometimes I add in ink and colored pencils. Over the years I have tried other mediums but always gravitate back to watercolors. I like the transparency and flow of them and how you can build layers and float colors together.

  • What has been your favorite response to your work?

I love bright colors and flowers and nothing gives me more joy than when someone tells me my art gives them good feelings and makes them happy. My grandchildren make requests of things they want me to paint for them all the time. When we were all quarantined last year we started an art club where each grandchild would specify what they wanted me to paint, then I would mail it to them with a request of what I wanted them to paint for me, then they would mail their creations to me. It was so much fun and such a great way to navigate through a difficult time.

  • What is the strongest memory of your childhood?

I grew up in the 1960s when we all had a very carefree childhood. There were so many kids in our neighborhood and we could roam our streets and play together outside until our mothers called us home. I was the youngest and only daughter and when I look back I lived a charmed and wonderful life and we always had many cats and dogs that I dearly loved.

  • Professionally what is your goal?

I don’t really have a certain goal in mind, I recently had a health scare and am semi-retired so I have more time for my art. I am very happy to just keep creating (I have so many ideas in my head!) and hopefully make people smile. I enjoy doing commissioned work and selling through my Print=on-Demand sites. And I always want to improve and explore new techniques.

  • What jobs have you done other than being an artist?

When I was in college I worked for a local school district doing illustrations for anything they needed. After I married, my husband and I have been entrepreneurs and owned many businesses in many different areas and I have always done the artwork and graphics for all these businesses. I have owned a lighting store, a hair salon, and a company that sold hair extensions. I was a realtor for a year and didn’t like that job at all. And I have always gravitated back to art!


Thank you SO MUCH, Shelley. My readers are grateful that you took time out of your busy schedule to share your art, your talent, and the amazing array of bright, colorful designs and paintings that you create. We can see why your grandkids request more art!

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