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Painting with Watercolor
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Hi, I'm Annie.

I have spent my whole life involved in anything "art"; whether teaching, taking art classes, or getting down and dirty with paint.

I taught at the elementary level which was my dream job, and I was lucky enough to do it early in my career.  Children love to "create" and enjoy expressing their thoughts as they draw or paint.  They love the tactile feel of clay, the smell of crayons (you remember that, don't you?), and the finished product to share with others. Good memories.

I also love looking at art.  That means looking at everything around me.  I chose to look to the past by studying the works and thoughts of art throughout the ages when I decided to pursue a Masters's degree at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.
see: My Museums, cataloged

Now in my retirement years, I draw and paint to my heart's delight.  I create art for pleasure. See: CREATE. Why?

I am proud to be an artisan in a local business, Heather Boutique, in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  You can find many works from my drawing instructor portfolio.  

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  • Redbubble Wall Art, Home, Kids and Babies, Accessories, Stationery, Gifts.

  • Zazzle Apparel, Bags, Invitations, Stationery, Mugs, Paper Products, Phones (some customized)

Come back often and explore. 



Annie Mason


"It's picking and choosing each day. It's experimenting with new techniques.  It's navigating in a digital world that I didn't grow up in.  It's exciting and challenging.          Learn something new every day."

~ Annie Mason

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