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 Samples of my Artwork

A Sample Page of my 

Drawing and Ilustrations

Below you can find some of my artwork themes:

  1. ​Nature

  2. Animals

  3. Fruits & Veggies

  4. Abstract

Click any of the Category images to link to the Collections on Society6.

Magnolia Grandiflora.jpg



Like most artists, I seek out interesting subjects in nature.  For me, these are flowers, shells, rocks, wood, bark, leaves, and so much more.  I am tempted to try to replicate texture in an element that I find. It's fascinating that a pencil, brush, or pen can take a flat surface and, with the right technique, simulate roundness, roughness, prickly, shiny, fabric, and more. See my blog post on TEXTURE.



My family loves animals, especially the feline species.  I find that painting animals has its challenges, especially tongues. LOL.  Fur and wiskers are fun.  I get most excited about giving the finished project to the owner in a commissioned work.

My first blog post is about an "unfinished" OWL.

Cat Thoughts.edit s6.jpg


Fruits & Veggies

I have always loved to paint inanimate objects. These continue to be a focus in my still life pieces.  The light off of the skin of an apple, the soft skin of a peach, the drip of moisture on a sweet juicy strawberry; these are the visual delight to the eye.



Between the typical themes, I like to shake it up and create images that evoke feelings. I enjoy the elements of light, dark, straight, curves, shadow, translucent, movement, stagnant. My background in art history is a basis for what I might want to emulate in terms of changing up my techniques.

See the video of fun with a PAINTBRUSH.

office blues.jpg
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