Thoughts about my art and heart.

This past December I turned 70 years old. 70. That's one of those "decade" numbers that make you go "whaaaat?" It's also an age where you hear, way too often, that a friend's husband passed away, or a relative has cancer and is in hospice care. Then, you give thanks because you have lost friends and loved-ones who were 52, 65, or, in the case of my own father, 42 years old when he died from a heart attack. Life is indeed short. For the most part, I am a positive and faith-filled person. I have survived breast cancer, and I have recently been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (or a related condition...still taking tests).

The reason for this post, however, is that I would like to share how important it is to use your "gifts." For me, I have been involved in drawing/painting/art since grade school and beyond. It ebbs and flows in significance. My love for watercolor developed when I made contact with Dr. Bertice Berry and illustrated a book for her (hopefully, published soon). My daughter purchased a phone case with a lovely watercolor bird. She later commented: "mom, you can do this" so I discovered POD sites (Print on Demand), and I do upload my works on several. I'm so proud of the fact that my age has never held me back. I'm self-taught on Photoshop, since I had to be able t