Pen in hand, Picture in mind.

My brain and my hand are connected. Yours as well? Do you ever think about how remarkable that is? How often do you think about your hand and the automatic movements when you scratch your head, pick up your coffee, use a keyboard; all the while your brain is telling that hand what to do. For a deeper dive read The Hand as the Human Outer Brain. This artist blog is about how to use my hand and my thoughts to create artworks almost every day in my home art studio.

I must have had a connection with what my hand could do with a pencil, crayon, paintbrush at an early age. This carried me through becoming an art teacher for the better part of my career. As a retired person, it did not take me long to discover that I like watercolor. It did not take me long to discover that I like pen and ink with watercolor. And lately, I have discovered that pen, ink, and crayon are an absolute delight. Does it smack of a coloring book? hmm. So what!