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Once old, can be new

I recently took a look at my State Birds and Flowers Collection that I started in July of 2019 Painting Each State Bird and Flower ) and finished in November of 2020. Fifty Fine Feathers and Flora

The Collection has been well-received but as I took a look at the images on Society6 I realized that the artwork did not look good on many of the products. Since my Photoshop skills have exponentially evolved (Thank you, @CatCoq on Skillshare) I am so much more confident as to making my artwork digitized for online selling. I highly recommend the class Digitize Your Art to Sell Online: Prep Your Paintings for Print-On-Demand.

I decided to revamp my images on ALL fifty state bird and flower art. It took a long time but the secret is to make sure the Society6 assets are perfect for every image. I felt like if you relied on letting the auto-fill take care of the uploaded files, they were not satisfactory.

After finishing this process I was able to upload the files to my new Zazzle store, Annie_Mason_Design.

The Result? This collection of The United States Birds and Flowers

Please browse this store and share with family and friends. The first thing that you can do is to click the FOLLOW button on my home page: Annie_Mason_Design

Please come back often. The store will continue to add more products from my portfolio and you can count on finding a unique gift for any occasion., state birds and flower collection, zazzle logo,
New Zazzle store - Annie Mason Design

New Zazzle store - Annie Mason Design


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