New Look; the big REVEAL.

The thoughts began a while ago. I began to dislike the palette; one of the many universal icons associated with an artist yet I don't know why I wanted it to be gone. While that's what I am. I am an artist. I guess I just wanted something that speaks more about me.

My daughter had long talks with me. She said, "Mom. This is you. Annie Mason, an artist". She's a minimalist; always thinking in terms that bring the subject down to "brass tacks."

This began my journey to overhaul my website, the brand, my focus, and my strategies towards building my future at the great age of 72.

I was having difficulty designing. Yes, artist couldn't seem to come up with a "look". I would come across a webpage screaming "We can make a logo for you that will truly be the perfect match" and so on. I tried some. Wouldn't you know...all the questions that were presented to predict my niche and claim my "future" would plug me into the archetype: CREATIVE. Duh!

Again, down to the sublime. My name is Annie Mason. I a