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Never stop learning, ever.

"Learn something new, every day." A quote that is common to almost every family. Maybe your grandmother taught this to you. Maybe you just heard this a lot when you were young. It isn't attributed to a specific person because it's a pretty broad sentiment.

There are plenty of apps, websites, and Pinterest pins that will shout loud and clear that this is a great idea. And, in my opinion, it is.

I have been an "artist" since grade school (see blog post Why Do I Use Watercolor ).

I paint almost every day and I usually have an idea of what I want to paint before starting. My techniques are fairly standard, but I experiment from time to time. So why would I ever want to sign up for an art class? Two years at a community college, 4 years of undergraduate work, and 2+ years of post-graduate schooling resulted in a Master's Degree in Art History. It's a pretty stable background.

Yet, here I am. Can't wait to try something new. If you haven't browsed this fairly new website, do so. SkillShare is an amazing place to learn. The Home Page graphic below tells you some of the topics offered on this site.

At the invitation of a Society6 artist-friend, CatCoq, I took advantage of a trial period to explore what was offered. I'm glad I did. Do it, too! ⬇️

Cat is an amazing artist. I had invited her to be a featured artist on my Meet the Artist blog posts, and I was surprised, and delighted, that she responded "Yes".

With that in mind, I signed up for the Skillshare trial and took one of Cat's classes. My watercolor skills are certainly extensive but, at my age, I lack the skills involved for the steps to "clean up" my watercolors and prep for uploading to a site like Society6, Redbubble, or Zazzle.

Click this image ⬇️ for one month FREE trial of SKILLSHARE

Cat has almost 65,000 followers on Skillshare and I know why. My first class was Cultivating Color: Vary Palettes in Original Art & Grow Your Portfolio. This was my first dive into taking my original watercolor art and being able to use Photoshop to turn one design into an assortment of color palettes. Cat is an outstanding teacher. she grabs just about the right amount of supplies to not overwhelm the student. For this class, Cat provides assets used in the lesson and makes them available as FREE downloads.

The classes encourage students to share what they have learned in the Class Project section: You can find my examples on my Instagram. Cat takes the time to comment on every student project and it's great fun to see how each person interprets the techniques learned in the class.

Click image ⬇️ for 30% off SkillShare annual membership. Use code annual30off

I am now taking my 5th class with @catcoq as the instructor.


"Learn something NEW every day." It's a powerful tool for lifting you up, finding out that you have a certain something inside you, getting rid of negative feelings, and feeling good when you accomplish something. Just do it! All of us can use that 'high" that comes when we see our hard work result in a beautiful work of art, poetry, video, music, or whatever creative journey we are on.

Promo Code: aff40dtp

"Learning" is sometimes a subtle nudge. It might be trying a new recipe and discovering that you can substitute the sugar by using monk fruit. Visit for more goodies.

Or did you know that there are 300 different types of monkeys?

Here's a list of online learning sites: (truly just the tip of the iceberg)

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