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Before and After (the move)

The Art Studio. It's where I spent my time during the pandemic. It's my happy place. It's where I take brush in hand and bring it to paper.

A new studio, however. Not intimidating. Just pack the art supplies in boxes and bring them to the new space.

The new space is smaller, so I have had to make some adaptations. The addition of a rather large rolltop desk (since it didn't fit anywhere else) threw in another factor. For me, as long as we made the two tables (one for framing, the other for creating) fit the space, I'm good.

Old home. Traditional. Bought in 1986. We met in 1988 and married in '89.

Lots of memories, changes, became parents, grew old together.

New home. Not very far away. A smaller lot, fewer trees, less maintenance, fewer stairs, clean, minimal style. Just what we were looking for.


Old,,,to New Working Closet


Former mat and frame table with tools on the wall.

My rulers, t-squares, and straight-edge tools need to be near my framing table. They were accessible on the wall in the old house. The nails, however, left nasty holes in the wall.

Portable t-square, rulers, mat rule.

We haven't put the first nail or hook into our freshly painted walls. What do I do with the rulers I need? My clever husband covered some particle board with upholstery fabric, and voilà easy and portable holder for my tools.


The new studio space during move-in.

Verilux Desk Lamp. Apple iPad 128G, 8th Generation

The space is adequate. It's been wonderful in the last few weeks to think about painting, rather than unpacking. I did a video of my former studio here. (3:05)

Below is a quick video tour of my new art studio. Enjoy! (1:53)

Albrecht Dürer

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All in all, with all the bumps in the road that come with moving (see a future post about moving and surviving the stress) I would say that we are mostly settled, and I am back in my happy haven.

Pin it, please.


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